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Residential Harvard Summer School Staff

Our Harvard Summer School community includes proctors and resident deans dedicated to each program’s students. These valuable staff members will welcome you to Harvard and serve as a resource during your time here, meeting regularly with students, organizing activities, and overseeing the safety and welfare of everyone at Harvard Summer School.  

Who are Proctors?

Pre-College Program and Secondary School Program proctors live on campus and serve as  mentors and vital sources of information for our students. They accompany students on events and trips, connect students to academic resources, participate in on-call rotations in case of emergencies, and host various residential meetings and activities to promote community. Proctors are leaders for our residential students; their foremost responsibility is the well-being of their students.

Many proctors are Harvard students, while others are highly qualified students from colleges and universities around the United States, which is why a student’s best source of information is usually their proctor. 

You will learn your proctor assignment upon arrival at Summer School.

Learn more about becoming a proctor at Harvard Summer School .

Who are Resident Deans?

Resident deans serve as administrative officials with responsibility for residential life in the dorms and houses. They manage the proctors to help oversee the welfare of students 24/7.

In addition to supporting proctors, resident deans oversee various program-wide activities, and hold regular office hours for students. Resident deans in both programs are on call overnight and on weekends. 

Resident Deans may be graduate students or education professionals with experience in mentoring students. Every Summer School student has a resident dean to whom they can go for advice and counsel. 

You will learn who your resident dean is when you receive your housing assignment.

Learn more about becoming a Resident Dean at Harvard Summer School .

Sam Piacente.

I hope students are open to meeting new people! Although it can be challenging to be surrounded by people you don’t know in a new environment, that opens up new avenues for growth.

Sam Piacente

Resident Dean


I value intentionality and want to invest myself in the success and growth of others. If I leave my Pre-College resident dean experience knowing that I did some good in the lives of others, then I know I did my job well.

Dillon Slatcher

Resident Dean