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Summer 2022: Coronavirus Information

Secondary School Program, Adult, and College Students


Summer School proctors reside in most entryways and hallways of the Yard and Union dorms, and the Houses. Proctors are leaders in Summer School housing; their foremost responsibility is the safety and well-being of their students.

Traditionally, proctors are Harvard students, which is why a student’s best source of information is usually his or her proctor. Proctors greet students upon arrival, lead student orientation activities on the first Sunday evening of the session, and meet regularly with students throughout the summer.

Proctors also organize many entryway activities, such as study breaks. You will learn your proctor assignment upon arrival at Summer School.

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Assistant Deans

Every Summer School student has an assistant dean to whom he or she can go for advice and counsel. Assistant deans are assigned to specific Yard and Union dorms and Houses. They manage the proctors and oversee the safety and welfare of students.

Summer School assistant deans also organize dorm- or House-wide activities, such as barbecues. You will learn who your assistant dean is when you receive your housing assignment. Be sure to introduce yourself to your assistant dean when you arrive at Harvard Summer School.

Pre-College Program Students


Four resident directors oversee the proctors who live with students in their residence. Proctors serve as chaperones, mentors, and vital sources of information. Proctors assist with Passport events and trips, tutor in various academic disciplines, participate in on-call rotations in emergencies, and hold various residential programs promoting community.

The majority of residential staff members are hired through the Association of College and University Housing Officers-International (ACUHO-I) Housing Internship Program, a prestigious and competitive internship in student affairs and higher education administration.

Resident Directors

Resident directors serve as administrative officials in the Harvard Pre-College Program with responsibility for residential life in the Houses. Resident directors in the Harvard Pre-College Program provide proctors with 24/7 emergency availability and supervision. In addition to supporting proctors, resident directors oversee various pre-college activities, assist in training and orientation, and conduct student discipline meetings. Harvard Pre-College Program resident directors hold office hours and are on-call on designated evenings and weekends.