Pre-College Program students each have a resident dean to whom they can go for advice and counsel during their time at Harvard Summer School. These resident deans work with students to provide supervision, advising, and connection to resources necessary to create a safe and academically productive summer experience. They manage a staff of Harvard Summer School Proctors, with whom they work to foster a hospitable environment through community activities and programming.

Meet this year’s Pre-College Program Resident Deans.

Cecilia Vu, Resident Dean (she/her/hers)

Cecilia Vu.

I graduated from the University of Georgia with an A.B. in international affairs. During my undergraduate career, I was heavily involved in University Housing Student Leadership and served as the Residence Hall Association vice president and National Residence Hall honorary executive Director. Within my degree program, I was selected as a member of the Dean’s Circle to represent concerns fellow classmates had within the program.

Following graduation, I served in the College Advising Corps, supporting more than 525 high school students in creating a post-secondary plan to increase the number of first-generation low-income students who apply for, enter, and complete higher education. I’m currently a graduate student at the University of Georgia working on my M.Ed in college student affairs administration.

I’m looking forward to hearing everyone’s journey to higher education at their Pre-College session! My advice is to take advantage of the opportunities you’ve been provided and keep all avenues open. Any path to higher education is a good path as long as you’re satisfied with it.

Allison Allen, Resident Dean (she/her/hers)

Allison Allen.

I graduated in May from Minnesota State University, Mankato with my Master’s in Experiential Education and I received my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from the same university in 2022.

Throughout my undergraduate years, I was very involved in multiple student organizations that led me to having an interest in Student Affairs and working with high-school aged students as they make their transition to college. I love working with students of all ages, but there is something special about being able to assist and support students through such a big change in their lives.

My advice for students is to get involved and to go to as many events as you can! Sign-up for extra activities and make the most of your time here in Cambridge, MA. Also, take time to explore the area and to go into Boston. The city of Boston is a very vibrant and exciting area with lots to do. Finally, connect with your professors and network. Learn as much as you can from them as their advice; it will be very important as you begin your college journey.

Dillon Slatcher, Resident Dean (he/him/his)


I’m a first-generation student who was born and raised in Virginia. I attended James Madison University and graduated with a degree in psychology with a minor in philosophy. In my undergrad, I was a camp counselor, an RA for two, and a hall director. I’m continuing at JMU for a master’s in higher education — and am a Hall Director again!

I value intentionality and want to invest myself in the success and growth of others. If I leave my Pre-College resident dean experience knowing that I did some good in the lives of others, then I know I did my job well.

My advice is to know what makes you happy and is important to you. Pick a couple of things if you can, and see how you can get involved. Join a community to further your passion and to find people who also value what you value.

Hasani “Sani” Gunn, Resident Dean (he/him/his)

Sani Gunn.

I recently earned my master of public policy from the Harvard Kennedy School, where I served as a student fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. Before coming to Harvard, I supported municipal, county, state, and tribal governments in their emergency management programs and operations.

I’m looking forward to learning more about each student and how to make they you get the most out of their summer experience here in Cambridge! I am especially excited to see new friendships develop and helping students learn about and navigate the University.

My advice for the incoming Pre-College cohort is to take full advantage of the weeks you have on campus: explore the area, be present in your courses, and build relationships with your cohort, instructors, and proctors.

Nour-Lyna Boulgamh, Resident Dean (she/her/hers)


I am a doctoral candidate at Harvard Graduate School of Design, holding a master’s in design studies from Harvard University and a B.S. in architectural engineering from The American University in Cairo.      

My expertise operates at the intersection of human-centered design and research, investigating housing affordability to elevate communities’ sense of belonging through the built-environment.

I am super excited to meet and connect with the Pre-College students alongside the resident staff this summer! My advice is to seize every chance to learn from one another. Each person brings a unique background and experiences to the table, and broadening one’s perspective while cultivating mutual understanding is a skill that will benefit you throughout life!

Derly Rojo, Resident Dean (she/her/ella)


I am a first-generation Latina graduate student pursuing a master of science in higher education administration with an emphasis in student affairs at Texas A&M University.

Currently at Texas A&M University, I serve as the graduate assistant in the Department of Multicultural Services. I am passionate about higher education, social justice, and initiatives for underrepresented students. Outside of work I enjoy art, thrifting, spending time with my family and friends, exploring new places, and exercising. 

This summer, I’m excited to connect with students and proctors during the Pre-College Program! My advice for the students is to make the most out of their experience, utilize their resources and make connections with other students, staff, and faculty at Harvard. I also encourage all students to be their authentic selves, step out of their comfort zone, and dream big!