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Summer 2023: Coronavirus Information

Join our Summer School community.

Explore the many benefits that come with spending your summer at Harvard.

Dunster House, Harvard University

Welcome to Harvard Summer School! As you join our community, you have the exciting opportunity to explore the many benefits that come with spending your summer at Harvard.

At Harvard Summer School, we are dedicated to ensuring that you have a safe and successful summer experience, both online and on campus. Our leadership and support staff are here to guide your experience, answer your questions, and offer all the information you need to maximize your time here at Harvard.

Summer classes at Harvard can—and should—be challenging. And sometimes, we all need a little support to succeed.

  • Get help with your latest writing assignment at the Writing Center.
  • Find the books you need, enjoy a quiet study space, or simply explore the historic Harvard libraries.
  • And be sure to stay on top of your classes by following the final exam schedule

Being a student at Harvard Summer School also involves responsibilities.

And above all, your safety is our top priority. Our Accessibility Services team is here to help if you need accommodation for a disability or injury. Harvard Summer School takes sexual and gender harassment extremely seriously. Learn about the Harvard University Title XI Office and Harvard Summer School’s policies on sexual and gender harassment. 

Summer at Harvard is exciting—and challenging. Make the most of the many opportunities that await you, and don’t hesitate to ask our team for help when you need it. It’s what we’re here for!