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Summer Jobs for Harvard Students

Every summer, Harvard Summer School recruits Harvard undergraduate and graduate students to enhance the experience of more than 3,000 high school, college, and adult students visiting campus—many being their first time. Interested Harvard students can apply for jobs related to residential life, academic support, and student activities. 

Residential Life – Proctors, CSA Mentors, and Resident Deans

Every year students travel from near and far to spend a summer studying at Harvard. Residential life staff helps new students acclimate to campus, provide guidance and advice, uphold the policies in the Student Handbook, and more. These roles are crucial in ensuring that visiting students get the most out of their time here on campus while focusing on what matters most—their academics.  

The following jobs are offered in residential life:

  • Summer School Proctor
    • General Program
    • Pre-College Program
    • Secondary School Program 
  • CSA Mentor
    • Crimson Summer Academy
  • Resident Dean
    • General Program
    • Secondary School Program
    • Pre-College Program

Academic Support

Harvard Summer School courses can be challenging and intensive. Visiting students may need the help of a tutor or personal coach to help improve their academic performance or get back on track after adjusting to their new surroundings. The academic support staff play a key role in coordinating workshops and programming for students while supporting the work of tutors and coaches. 

Applications for academic support positions will be available in early 2024.

The following jobs are offered in academic support:

  • Tutor, Academic Tutor Program
  • Academic & Personal Development Coach, Academic Tutor Program
  • Program Coordinator, Academic Tutor Program
  • Program Assistant, Academic Tutor Program

Student Activities

Everyone needs a little break from their coursework every now and then. The student activities staff are instrumental in coordinating on-campus activities like the talent show, movie nights, and the quiz bowl, as well as off-campus excursions to local New England beaches, Red Sox baseball games, and more! 

Applications for student activities positions will be available in early 2024.

The following jobs are offered in student activities:

  • Program Assistant, Student Activities Office 
  • Program Coordinator, Student Activities Office
  • Activities Coordinator, Pre-College Program