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7-Week Secondary School Program Commuting

The application for Summer 2024 is closed.

If you live in New England or a reasonable commutable distance to our campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts and want to experience college life without living on campus, the 7-Week SSP Commuting might be the right choice for you. 

View 2024 Program Dates and Deadlines.

Your Classes

The Harvard Secondary School Program has over 200 courses to choose from. Check out potential courses in our 2024 course catalog. As a 7-Week SSP Commuting student, you can take an on-campus or online class — or one of each. You get more flexibility with the number and format of classes you take, but still get to enjoy the campus experience. You’ll come to campus for any on-campus classes or you can take online classes and only come to campus when you want to.

  • 4 credit hours required, but can take 8 credit hours (one class is typically 4-credit hours).
  • Classes are for-credit, graded college courses.
  • Have the option to drop a course if needed (unless restricted by Visa).

89% of past attendees said the courses they completed at Harvard helped them identify what they wanted to study in college, so we organized our courses into Career Pathways as a way to help you choose.

Your Choice of Activities

7-Week SSP Commuting students can participate in all Secondary School Program activities. You will have a rigorous, full-time courseload; however, your schedule will have room to fill with activities such as College Counseling Q&As or music groups.

Access to Harvard’s Campus

You’ll also get a Harvard student ID which provides access to Harvard buildings such as libraries, athletic facilities, and student centers, so you can experience college life when you come to campus. Since you won’t be living in a residence hall, your ID will not grant access to the residence halls.

Housing Requirements

There are two ways to attend SSP as a commuter:

  1. Commute from Home: Those who live within a reasonable commuting distance from Harvard (MA, ME, NH, RI, CT, VT) commute from home to campus in order to attend classes and other campus activities.
  2. Commute from Relatives: For the summer, you may reside with a relative or other adult (above the age of 25) who lives within a reasonable commuting distance of Harvard (MA, ME, NH, RI, CT, VT). They will assume responsibility for you during the summer term while you commute from their home to campus in order to attend classes and other campus activities. The adult host and the living arrangement must be approved by your parent or legal guardian and the SSP.

Costs & Aid for 7-Week SSP Commuting

  • 2024 program cost is $3,700 (4-credits) or $7,400 (8-credits). Cost depends upon the number of credits taken and includes tuition and the program fee.
  • Non-refundable $75 application fee.
  • US citizens and permanent residents are eligible to apply for financial aid.

Learn about cost and financial aid.

Is 7-Week SSP Commuting Right for You?

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