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Request a Transcript or Enrollment Certification

Harvard DCE Transcripts

The Harvard Division of Continuing Education (DCE) transcript is your complete, official Division of Continuing Education academic record which includes all courses taken through Harvard Extension School and Harvard Summer School. Partial transcripts are not available.

What is on the Transcript

  • Credit and Noncredit Courses completed
  • Final course grade notations, Interim grades (if applicable)
  • Course withdrawals and WD notations
  • Disciplinary notations (if applicable)
  • Certificates earned (if applicable)

*For more information on final grades, including non-completion course notations, please see Grades.

**Harvard Division of Continuing Education Professional & Executive Development programs do not appear on transcripts.

Degree candidates, Premedical Participants, and Program Alumni

  • Degree and Program of Study
  • Program of Study GPA
  • Admission Date
  • Degree Status
  • Degree Conferral Date (if applicable)
  • Thesis Titles (if applicable)
  • Degree Awards (if applicable)

Transcript Requests

Harvard DCE is now partnered with Parchment to provide efficient access to release your transcript and a more secure transcript ordering process. All transcript requests must be ordered online through Parchment. You can order transcripts using any major credit card, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you can track the status of your order at any time.

Delivery Options and Fees

Transcript delivery methods

  • Secure Electronic PDF/eTranscript
  • USPS mail (additional fees apply)
  • FedEx (additional fees apply)

All transcript requests will include a Parchment processing fee of $3.00. Requests that are cancelled before release will have the Parchment fee refunded.

Receiving an eTranscript

When sending an eTranscript, the recipient will receive an email from Parchment when the transcript is available to download. Recipients should be advised the email will be sent from and will have the subject line “You’ve received a document” so the delivery is not overlooked.

Recipients have 30 calendar days to access the transcript using the secure download link, eTranscript orders are considered complete once available to the recipient. If not downloaded within the 30-day period, students will be required to order another eTranscript to be sent to the recipient.

Placing a Transcript Request in MyDCE

  1. Login to MyDCE and navigate to “My Academic History”
  2. Select “Request a Transcript” to navigate securely to Parchment.
  3. If this is your first time in Parchment, provide contact information for your Parchment account, then confirm to go to Parchment Home.

To place an official transcript request in the Parchment Storefront:

  1. Enter your destination in the search field or select “send to yourself, someone else, or a third party.”
  2. Enter the recipient information for the transcript request and upload any additional documents to include with the transcript delivery.
  3. Review the request details, then sign and consent to the transcript release.
  4. Review your order summary, add another transcript request and upload any additional documents to include with the transcript delivery.
  5. Confirm the details of your order including recipient, recipient address (email or mail) and payment information.
  6. Submit the transcript request.

You will receive confirmation when the transcript request is submitted and throughout the order process. Track a pending request by returning to the Parchment storefront and selecting “Order Status” from the menu options.

Once your request is processed and submitted to the recipient, you will see the status change and receive an email notification. E-Transcripts can be accessed by the recipient for 30 days from the date it becomes available. If the recipient does not access the transcript during that time, the request is considered complete and fulfilled. You will have to place a new request if the e-Transcript is not accessed by the recipient in the allotted time.

The $3.00 transcript processing fee will be charged by the Parchment storefront only after the official transcript is delivered. You will see a hold on your credit card while the request is being processed. Requests that are not processed within 30 days or a request that is cancelled by the student before it is available to the recipient will not be charged the processing fee. The most likely reason a transcript is not processed within 2-4 business days is due to a transcript impacting hold.

Placing a Transcript Request without a HarvardKey or DCEKey

Alumni or previous course takers who do not have a HarvardKey or DCEKey and do not have access to the MyDCE student portal may still request an official transcript directly through the Parchment storefront. Note – students that can access the transcript portal through MyDCE must do so.

Students without a HarvardKey or DCEKey can navigate directly to the Parchment Storefront and create a Parchment account for access to request their Harvard Division of Continuing Education transcript:

  1. Go directly to the Harvard DCE Parchment Homepage.
  2. Select “I need to order my own credentials” and continue.
  3. Follow the instructions on the Harvard DCE Parchment storefront home page to “create account.”
  4. If this is your first time in Parchment, provide the requested information to create the Parchment Account directly.
  5. Once a Parchment account is created, students without a HarvardKey can return and use the “returning users” to login directly to their Parchment account.

Alumni or previous course-takers without a HarvardKey will only need to create one Parchment account.

Hague Apostille

A certification or legalization is generally needed for US documents that leave the United States for recognition in the country of intended use. International students and US students living, working, and studying outside the United States may need to have their transcripts and diplomas authenticated by a designated federal authority. This authentication takes the form of a certification called an apostille as approved by the 1961 Hague Convention.

To obtain the apostille, submit a request for a notarized copy of your transcript to the Academic Services Office at The notarized copy is issued to you in a signed, sealed envelope. Submit the notarized document to the Commissions Section, Room 1719, McCormack Building, 1 Ashburton Place, Boston, MA 02108 for certification and the apostille. Or mail the necessary documentation to the above address. For more information about the documents and information needed, as well as fees for each certification and apostille, see Certifications and Apostilles on the Secretary of the Commonwealth website.

The Extension School does not notarize diplomas. Instead, the Academic Services Office writes a letter verifying the degree and includes the following information in the letter as appropriate: the student’s name; degree, certificate, or diploma received; date of receipt; area of concentration; field of study; honors. The letter is signed by the associate registrar for Academic Services or the assistant registrar for Academic Services.

Letters of enrollment

A letter of enrollment includes a listing of courses in which you are registered for the term. It does not include grades or degree information. You may request a letter of enrollment for any term in the current Academic year by completing a letter of enrollment request form.

Letter of Enrollment request forms can be submitted via email to Academic Services at All requests must be made in writing.

Academic Services reserves the right to limit the number of letters per request.

Requests may be submitted throughout the term but are not processed until after the course drop deadline for half-tuition refund each term. See the Academic Calendar to view the final drop deadline in each term.

Loan deferments

Harvard Summer School is a participant in the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC), which provides electronic deferment processing for students. The Summer School transfers enrollment data of its students to the Clearinghouse after the course drop deadline for half-tuition refund each term and monthly thereafter. See the Academic Calendar to view the drop deadlines for each term.

The Clearinghouse electronically supplies verification of enrollment information to participating lending agencies. You do not need to be an admitted degree candidate to qualify for loan deferment. Students should check with their lender for time status and program requirements for loan deferment. For more information, see Enrollment Policies, including detailed information on full- and part-time enrollment status.

All guarantors and most major student loan lenders and servicers (including servicers for Perkins, private/alternative, and institutional loans), as well as the Department of Education, participate in the Clearinghouse. If your loan company does not participate in the paperless deferment process, contact your lender and servicer directly to obtain a deferment form. Academic Services will process the form and mail it directly to the loan agency on your behalf.

To ensure that information is reported accurately to the National Student Clearinghouse, students must verify their personal information when registering for a course. Changes in identifying information, such as name, birthdate, or SSN/TIN, should be updated with the Registrar’s Office as soon as possible. See instructions on the Student Expectations page to update your biographical information.