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Request a Transcript or Enrollment Verification

Transcript Requests

The easiest and quickest way to order a transcript is to submit the request through online services. You can also complete a transcript request form and mail it to the address on the form or scan and email it to If you prefer to fax the form to us, you can do so via standard fax to (617) 495-3662. All requests must be made via online services or by using the transcript request form. Telephone and email requests are not accepted.

Transcript requests are processed within seven to ten business days from the date of receipt. Submit your requests as early as possible, particularly if you have a deadline.

There is no charge for transcripts. Academic Services reserves the right to limit the number of transcripts issued per request.

About Transcripts

The transcript is your complete, official Division of Continuing Education academic record. It includes all credit and noncredit courses you have taken at the Harvard Extension School and Harvard Summer School, your grades, and withdrawal and disciplinary notations. Transcripts for degree and diploma candidates also include relevant degree and diploma information. Professional certificates are noted on transcripts. However, Division of Continuing Education professional development programs do not appear on transcripts.

Official transcripts are embossed and signed by the Registrar. They may be sent directly to third parties or to students in sealed, signed envelopes for delivery to third parties. Student copies are unofficial and are neither embossed nor signed. They are marked “Issued to Student” and sent directly to the student.

Official transcripts are not issued to third parties for any students who have not met their financial and library obligations to Harvard University. Unofficial transcripts are issued directly to these students.

Hague Apostille

A certification or legalization is generally needed for US documents that leave the United States for recognition in the country of intended use. International students and US students living, working, and studying outside the United States may need to have their transcripts and diplomas authenticated by a designated federal authority. This authentication takes the form of a certification called an apostille as approved by the 1961 Hague Convention.

To obtain the apostille, submit a request for a notarized copy of your transcript. The notarized copy is issued to you in a signed, sealed envelope. Bring the notarized document to the Commissions Section, Room 1719, McCormack Building, 1 Ashburton Place, Boston, MA 02108 for certification and the apostille. Or mail the necessary documentation to the above address. For more information about the documents and information needed, as well as fees for each certification and apostille, see Certifications and Apostilles on the Secretary of the Commonwealth website.

The Summer School does not notarize Extension School diplomas. Instead, the Academic Services Office writes a letter verifying the degree and includes the following information in the letter as appropriate: the student’s name; degree, certificate, or diploma received; date of receipt; area of concentration; field of study; honors. The letter is signed by the associate registrar for Academic Services or the assistant registrar for Academic Services.

Letters of Enrollment

A letter of enrollment includes a listing of courses in which you are registered for the term. It does not include grades. You may request a letter of enrollment for any term in the current year by completing a letter of enrollment request form. Request forms may be mailed to Academic Services or faxed to (617) 495-3662. All requests must be made in writing. Telephone and email requests are not accepted. 

Academic Services reserves the right to limit the number of letters per request. Letters of enrollment are not issued if you have not met your financial and library obligations to Harvard University.

Though requests for letters of enrollment may be submitted throughout the term, they are not processed until after the final course drop deadline for each session (see your program’s calendar for relevant dates). Requests from students in study abroad programs are processed after the program begins.

Loan Deferments

Harvard Summer School submits student enrollment information to the National Student Clearinghouse, which provides electronic deferment processing for students. The Summer School transfers enrollment data of its students to the Clearinghouse after the final course drop deadline for each session (see your program’s calendar for relevant dates). The Clearinghouse electronically supplies verification of enrollment information to participating lending agencies. You do not need to be an admitted degree candidate in order to qualify for loan deferment. See Enrollment Polices for detailed information on full- and part-time enrollment status.

All guarantors and most major student loan lenders and servicers (including servicers for Perkins, private/alternative, and institutional loans), as well as the Department of Education, participate in the Clearinghouse.

If your loan company does not participate in the paperless deferment process, contact your lender and servicer directly to obtain a deferment form. Academic Services will process the form and mail it directly to the loan agency on your behalf.