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Crimson Cash and Banks


Travelers’ checks may be cashed at local banks and are highly recommended as a way to protect your money. Most local banks allow you to open an account.

Neither local banks nor the University cash personal checks or money orders of any kind. We strongly advise you not to bring a large amount of cash.

Crimson Cash

Harvard University offers Crimson Cash, a declining balance convenience account accessed through your Harvard ID card.

Crimson Cash may be substituted for cash at copiers, vending machines, laundry rooms, the Coop bookstore, on-campus restaurants, and many off-campus merchants.

After receiving your Harvard ID card, you may open a Crimson Cash account and add value by using a debit/credit card on the Crimson Cash website or by visiting one of several cash-accepting Value Transfer Stations (VTS) on campus. See the Crimson Cash website for complete lists of VTS locations and participating off-campus merchants.