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The math placement test is required or recommended for a number of math courses. If a course requires or recommends this test, it is noted in the prerequisites of the course description. The following information applies to all students registered for credit or noncredit in those courses.

If you register for a course for which the math placement test is required or recommended, take the test online any time between Monday, February 6, 2024 and Thursday, June 20, 2024 (except 2 to 2:30 a.m. Eastern Time). To take the math placement test, log into MyDCE and navigate to “My Enrollment Requirements” in the menu. You will receive your score upon completing the test. Please keep a copy of your test results for your records. Based on your results, if you would like to change your course, do so by the course changes deadline.


You should take the online test before registering for a course that recommends or requires it. If you do not place into the desired course, please contact for advice and specific recommendations after you have taken the test.

You are responsible for assessing your test performance and for making any necessary registration and course changes, including course drops, based on your results.


Some math courses require the use of a graphing calculator. However, they are not allowed while taking the placement test.


For questions or technical support for the test, email

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity policies apply to placement tests. Alleged breaches are referred to the Administrative Board and may result in indefinite suspension of registration privileges.

Students With Disabilities

Harvard Summer School welcomes students with disabling conditions to participate in all aspects of our academic programming. Students who plan to take this test who have a need for accommodations should contact the Accessibility Services Office, by calling (617) 998-9640 or email, to discuss accommodation needs.  Please see Accessibility Services for further information.