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A Rigorous Seven-Week Academic Program In Ukrainian Language and Culture

The only program of its kind in North America, the Harvard Ukrainian Summer Institute (HUSI) offers seven weeks of intensive accredited university instruction in Ukrainian studies. The program includes four academic courses offered through the Harvard Summer School and a weekly event series hosted by the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute (HURI). HUSI students are encouraged to take full advantage of Harvard’s resources, including the largest Ucrainica library collection outside of Eastern Europe.

Every summer since 1971, HUSI has brought together exceptional undergraduates, graduate students, and working professionals from around the world. The Harvard Ukrainian Summer Institute provides students with the opportunity for academic advancement, career development, and membership in a diverse and interdisciplinary community of scholars that spans five decades of HUSI cohorts. 

2024 Curriculum

HUSI students register for one or two of the following four Ukrainian Studies courses. Students are encouraged to register for a total of 8-credits but may participate in the Ukrainian Summer Institute with only 4-credits of HUSI coursework. Refer to the Harvard Summer School course catalog for full information, including meeting times and prerequisites.  

• UKRN S-G Ukrainian for Reading Knowledge (8 credits)
• UKRN S-128 Ukraine in the World: Exploring Contemporary Ukraine (4 credits)
• UKRN S-132 Tradition and Modernity in Ukraine, 19th and 20th Centuries (4 credits)
• UKRN S-AAB Intensive Elementary Ukrainian (8 credits)


All prospective HUSI students are asked to fill out the HUSI Enrollment Questionnaire prior to formal registration with the Harvard Summer School. Students are strongly encouraged to complete this short online form as soon as possible to be included in all HUSI related communications, announcements, and updates throughout the spring and early summer. Please refer to the HUSI Enrollment website for full details. 

The HUSI Scholarship

The Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard University (HURI) offers a limited number of full and partial scholarships to students participating in the Harvard Ukrainian Summer Institute (HUSI) who show academic promise and a need for financial assistance. Scholarship applications are due March 14, 2024. Learn more and apply.

Tuition and Course Registration

HUSI Students should refer directly to the Harvard Summer School website for tuition, payment, and course registration instructions, requirements, and deadlines:

All prospective HUSI students must create a MyDCE account as soon as possible, ideally by the end of March. Non-native English speakers should carefully review the Summer School English proficiency requirement and submit necessary supporting documentation to the Summer School for approval well in advance of the Summer term. Students will be blocked from registration and ineligible for scholarship aid until all Summer School requirements have been met.  


Serhiy Bilenky, HUSI Program Director,  
Megan Duncan Smith, HURI Programs Coordinator, 

Please visit the HUSI website for full program information.