Students chat in this video about the things they brought and the memories they are taking back after finishing school.

In this installment of the “What’s the Scoop?” series, students reflect on Harvard Summer School, the things they brought with them, and the objects, and memories, they are taking back with them.

Meet the students


He chooses the classic vanilla flavor when enjoying ice cream. Jacob brought his tuba along with him this summer, and is taking back great memories of playing in the Hatch Shell.


She wanted to blend creativity with business this summer, so Sonam chose to do a dance course and a communication class. She’s taking back new ideas on how to integrate creativity into her management techniques when she heads home to India. Her favorite flavor: cookies and cream.


She found a new friendship over the past summer, and Carolyna and her friend, Je’la, hope to encourage each other as they go through the sometimes stressful process of applying to college. She enjoys white pistachio ice cream on a hot summer day.

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