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Harvard Summer Program in Prague, Czech Republic

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    February 3, 2022

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View of Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

Immerse yourself in the Czech language and culture in the heart of Europe.

Program Directors:

Veronika Tuckerova

About the Program

This program is situated in Prague, Czech Republic, one of the world’s most beautiful cities that for centuries benefitted from its position at the crossroads of cultures and languages. You will learn the Czech language in class, through immersive exploration of the city, its rich history and vibrant present, and interactions with the locals. You will broaden your global perspectives on politics, philosophy, and history, and expand your knowledge of Central Europe.

Program Structure

Language instruction is combined with a cultural examination of the complex cultural, religious, and political forces that have shaped Czech society. A particular emphasis is placed on studying the local richly layered architecture and urbanism. You participate in walking tours of Prague, visiting churches, castles, synagogues, museums, and monasteries, as well as other towns in Bohemia and Moravia. The program also includes visits to theaters, concerts, and cafes.

Our readings and lectures in Czech culture trace some of the major themes of Czech history and literature, paying special attention to the interaction between politics, aesthetics, and national identity—whether at the medieval court of Charles IV, amidst the religious turmoil of the fifteenth-century Hussite wars, during the nineteenth-century “National Awakening,” or under Nazi occupation and Communist rule in the twentieth century. Readings (in English and Czech) include works by Kundera, Havel, Hrabal, and Kafka.

CZEC S-AAB and CZEC S-BAB both count as one full-year course (8 credits) of degree credit, and can also count as 8 credits toward the foreign language requirement.



CZEC S-BAB Study Abroad in Prague, Czech Republic: Intermediate Czech Language and Culture

Veronika Tuckerova, PhD, Preceptor in Slavic Languages and Literatures, Harvard University
8 credits
UN, GR Limited enrollment.

This course provides students with an intermediate level of Czech language instruction integrated with Czech literature, history, and culture. It consists of intensive language study equivalent to one year of intermediate university Czech.

Prerequisites: completion of Introductory Czech, or placement into Intermediate Czech.

CZEC S-AAB Study Abroad in Prague, Czech Republic: Czech Language and Culture

Veronika Tuckerova, PhD, Preceptor in Slavic Languages and Literatures, Harvard University
8 credits
UN, GR Limited enrollment.

This intensive course provides a comprehensive introduction to modern Czech language and culture for those who would like to speak Czech or use the language for reading and research. Designed for students without any previous knowledge of Czech, the course focuses on all four major communicative skills (speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing). Students are introduced to Czech culture through readings, screenings, and class discussions. This course prepares students to continue in Czech at the intermediate level or for the further study abroad in the Czech Republic.

Prerequisites: none.

Where You'll Live and Study

Prague is one of the most well-preserved historical cities in the world. It is also the setting of striking social, cultural, political, and economic transformation. While based in Prague, you will also have the opportunity to travel to various Czech and Moravian towns, as well as explore other parts of Central Europe.


You stay in centrally located apartments with kitchen, bathroom, and laundry facilities. The apartments are in a neighborhood with parks, museums, shops, and restaurants. They are a short tram ride from our classroom, which is in the recently renovated Thun und Taxis Palace in one of Prague’s oldest neighborhoods.


The online application will be available in early December. Each program has unique requirements included in the online application. Beginning your application early is the best way to ensure that you have sufficient time to review and complete the application requirements by the deadline.

You may apply to no more than two programs; if applying to two programs, you will be asked to rank your two applications in order of preference (first and second choice). Any applications submitted in excess of the maximum of two will be automatically withdrawn. You will be notified of your admissions status in each program by late February.

A complete online application includes:

  • Basic personal information
  • A statement of interest
  • Your most recent transcript
  • Program-specific requirements (if applicable; may include letters of recommendation, etc.)

Interviews may be requested at the discretion of the program.

Harvard College students applying for funding from the Office of Career Services (OCS)Please note that the OCS funding application is separate. OCS funding awards are tied to a specific program, and cannot be transferred to another program.

If you have questions about the application, please contact the Harvard Summer School Study Abroad Office by email at

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