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Summer 2022: Coronavirus Information

Summer Seminars at Harvard Summer School

Summer Seminars at Harvard Summer School give undergraduate students unique opportunities and personal faculty instruction that’s hard to find on a large campus.

Inspired by Harvard’s renowned freshman seminars that get students acclimated and engaged in campus life, seven-week Summer Seminars give both Harvard and visiting students the unique chance to study with us in a small-group format.

The benefits you’ll enjoy during Summer Seminars include:

Small Class Sizes

Summer Seminars are limited to 15 students each to keep class sizes small and maximize your learning experience. This small class size promotes open and dynamic discussion, peer study groups, in-class presentations, and equal opportunity participation in the classroom.

Close Faculty Interaction

Each Summer Seminar is taught by a Harvard affiliate and offers excellent opportunities for personal guidance and advising. Throughout the seminar, students can consult with and learn from Harvard instructors in a small-group or one-to-one format that lets them dig deep into a subject and build valuable expertise.

Independent Research Opportunities

Learn the researching and writing skills that will let you rise to the top of your undergraduate class or prepare you for graduate school. Your Summer Seminar instructor will give you the frameworks and advice needed to complete a final research project in your area of study.

Summer Seminars are available for undergraduate credits only.

Summer 2022 Seminars

Staging Shakespeare

Take a fresh look at Shakespeare’s works, with an eye to the challenges posed for actors, directors, designers and audiences–challenges that must be solved in performance. See how artists have attempted to increase Shakespeare’s resonance for a contemporary audience, and examine what in Shakespeare’s plays makes them particularly difficult–and exciting—to stage.

Advice to Young Leaders

Read some of the most influential texts in the western tradition, explicitly written for young people planning to enter public service or take up other positions of leadership. Examine these traditions of advice with an eye to the past, the present, and the future: that is, in their own terms and for what they say to you today about what kind of leadership is most needed.

Politics and Governance in the Global South

Examine the political and governance challenges that countries in the Global South face and explore the best prospects for addressing them. Using both theory and case studies from Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and South Asia, you’ll delve deeply into topics such as the impact of international development aid, civil society and activism, and gender, diversity and inequality.

Psychopaths and the Insanity Defense

Explore the insanity defense in the legal system, as well as its impact on psychology, law, and society. Using case materials and empirical research, you’ll learn the history of the defense, understand its impact, and examine the arguments that have arisen from the controversial defense.