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Summer 2023: Coronavirus Information

Full payment is due May 15. If you are not paid in full by May 15, you risk being dropped from all courses and waitlists.

Read about the tuition and fees, and limited-enrollment courses and waitlists.

Student Account Billing

As a student, you have an account that includes individual charges and credits for the Summer term. Charges include course tuition and other fees, such as program application and housing fees, as applicable. Credits applied to your account may include a combination of payments, such as credit cards, checks, and financial aid. If you have an outstanding balance from a prior term, any payment is applied first to the oldest charges on your account.

To view your student account, log in to MyDCE and select “Financial Services” to enter the Student Finance Portal.

When you register online, your registration charges are automatically applied to your account. If your balance remains unpaid, we will send you a balance due email notification. The balance is due by the payment deadline. Once that date has passed, any new balance is due immediately.

Past Due Student Accounts

Your account is considered past due if you have not paid in full by the payment deadline. If your account remains past due, you risk being dropped from your courses, waitlists, and housing if applicable.

You are not eligible to register for any classes at the Summer School or the Harvard Extension School, or to receive an official transcript, until your account is paid in full. If you are a Extension School degree candidate, you must be in good financial standing with Harvard Summer School and Extension School, as well as Harvard University, before your degree will be conferred.

Returned Check Policy

If your check is returned unpaid by your bank, for any reason, Student Financial Services will notify you by email. Payment in full must be made by the Full Payment Deadline or your risk being dropped courses and waitlists. If the Full Payment Deadline has passed, immediate payment is due or you risk being dropped from all courses and waitlists.

There is a $25 per instance fee for any checks returned unpaid by your bank.

If your check or e-check is returned unpaid by your bank, you may only pay charges with credit card or money order for Harvard Summer School or Harvard Extension School for one year.

If you stop payment on a check or e-check, you are no longer eligible to pay by check or e-check.

Credit Card Chargebacks

  • If you request a credit card chargeback, you may be removed from your course(s) and you are liable for all tuition and fees on your account.
  • If you use a credit card without the cardholder’s knowledge or permission, you may be removed from your course(s) and, if applicable, and you may face prosecution.
  • If you use another person’s credit card, and the cardholder requests a credit card chargeback, you may be removed immediately from your course(s). You are liable for all tuition and fees on your account.