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Summer 2023: Coronavirus Information

The Crimson Summer Academy at Harvard University

What is the CSA?

The CSA is an exciting and innovative program for high school students with a passion to learn, a desire to excel, and a commitment to belonging to an intellectual community.

Why These Courses?

The interdisciplinary curriculum focuses on asking and answering questions designed to help young people think deeply about their world and their ability to impact the future.

Who Is It For?

Public school students who currently attend ninth grade in Boston, Cambridge or Somerville; have been nominated by a principal, teacher, or guidance counselor familiar with their academic and personal potential; and who have not had all of the resources necessary for success are invited to apply.

Harvard Undergraduates:

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Three students look at a notebook together.

In the 20 years the CSA has existed, it has achieved the following results:


Total number of students enrolled in the CSA since the program began (20 years)


Total number of students who have completed the CSA


Percentage of those students who graduated from the CSA that enrolled in a four-year college


Percentage of CSA students who graduate from the program and graduate from a four-year college in 4-6 years